I am…Dead to Sin

I am…Dead to Sin

I am...Dead 2 Sin

“In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” Romans 6:11 NIV


If you are in Christ, the old you is DEAD. You buried him/her in your yesterday’s past. There may not have been a funeral like you are used to, but the burial came at the surrendering of your heart.

I believe, If you’ve been baptized, then you’ve actually experienced a symbolic burial. As you went down into the water, it was a sign of the old you being buried. When you arose it was an embracing of your newness in Christ through His resurrection.

As a believer in Christ you are DEAD to SIN. Sin has no control over you. It cannot take you to the grave. Jesus defeated it on your behalf.

Death cannot hold you and sin can’t win!

The next time sins of your past or temptation to sin in your present arise, tell that sin in Jesus you are dead to it.

It no longer knows you and it does not belong here.

I AM DEAD TO SIN, Hallelujah!

Thank You Jesus!




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